Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puerto Rico - Day 1

Friday, 1 May 2009

Travel day: L and I both had super early flights. We were supposed to meet up in Atlanta to catch our flight to San Juan. L's first flight was delayed and she didn't make it to Atlanta in time. She ran (even was losing stuff our of her bag) to get to the flight, but the gate agent had already closed the boarding door. I absentmindedly got on the flight for San Juan thinking she was already on the plane. Yeh, I little more stress than I needed AT 9AM. L wasn't able to get on the flight, but she did catch the next flight to San Juan. I only had to wait about 1 hour. In the mean time, I got my luggage and found that the zipper pulls had been ripped off of my bag. If I opened the zipper, the bag was useless. So, I took it to the Delta agent, and he is looking all over my bag for the zippers.....yeh keep looking....they are gone!! So, after 15 minutes of that, he brought me a brand new bag.

Once Lisa got to San Juan, we rented our sweet Hyundai Elantra and headed east to El Yunque (the Caribbean Rainforest). **Let's just say, Puerto Rico has some crazy drivers** We stopped and picked up some Subway (yeh we didn't look to hard for dinner) and drove up Highway 191 from the south part of the rainforest. We drove for about 20 minutes while our ears popped and stopped for a few pictures. We finally stopped at the Casa Cubuy Ecolodge our 2 night stay. The Casa Cubuy was a clean, rustic, bed and breakfast type place. Meals are shared with all of the guests at a large dining room table. It was awesome to meet everybody staying at the Casa Cubuy. We checked into our room and ate dinner. We sat and marveled at the view of the rainforest and then decided we were tired and went to bed. Lots of reading and sleeping on this trip!

Here is the view from our room

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