Sunday, May 17, 2009

Puerto Rico - Day 2

Saturday, 2 May 2009

We both slept well at the Casa Cubuy. Overnight it poured rain (well we are in the Rainforest) and we slept through what we thought we birds....we soon found out that the sounds of the rainforest are cute little coqui's. Coqui's are tree frogs that live in the rainforest. It actually sounds like they are saying CO-QUI.

We ate a fantastic fresh fruit breakfast and then headed up highway 191 for a little walk. The views of the rainforest were beautiful that is until it started raining. We tried to keep going and hung out under some large trees for a little while, but the rain just kept coming harder and faster. We turned around and headed back to the Casa Cubuy to wait out the rain.

Once the rain let up, we waited a couple of hours and headed down to the waterfalls for a hike. Note to self: I am not a rock climber hiker like L. The first part of the hike was a piece of cake. We got to the Cubuy River and the river was flowing pretty steady from all of the rain. After some tricky steps, we managed to cross the river and continue on the hike. We came to a second river, bt the water was rushing a bit too fast for me. L went on ahead and I stayed behind. We saw some beautiful waterfalls and took some amazing pictures.

We stayed at the Casa Cubuy for dinner and met lots of fantastic people. We met a couple from Chicago that we saw throughout our trip. I called them our "chicago island friends." We met a couple traveling from St Marten and a group from San Juan. Most of the people that we met are from the States that are traveling or have relocated to Puerto Rico.

After dinner we played Monopoly for about 4 hours with the couple traveling from St Marten. Ridiculous...but so much fun!

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