Sunday, February 1, 2009

I like Shoes!

So, winter in Michigan just won't quit....although today it is a balmy 42. However, with the wind it feels like 35. Seriously, that's a heat wave!!

Anyway, I have been looking for snow boots for ever, but the boots that I have found all have suede and I don't want to ruin the suede. And then, I found these......

They are the most comfortable shoe I own.....with the exception of the other crocs that are in my closet. The boots have the typical croc material on the bottom which is so easy to wipe off the salt and the suede upper is super cute. OK maybe not super cute to everyone, but I like them. I like them so much that I bought a second pair in black. They were on sale, so it was totally worth it!

I want these too. But they didn't have my size in black. I will for sure be checking on these.
Total Croc count: 10

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